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 Would you like for Jeremy Lopez to pray and see if God has a word for you?

Jeremy's heart is to see people blessed by the voice of God. If you could help support this ministry with a love offering of $25.00 or more, it would mean so much to us. The donations given for prophetic words goes to support our missions oversees. Please know you are giving to good ground to help those who need food, clothing and love. Help us as we help them.

But we are not selling the gift of God - it's not for sale, and money can't buy it.  We are asking for a suggested donation. But it isn't about buying and selling; it's about giving.

In Matthew 10:8-10, Jesus gave this instruction to the twelve:  "Freely you have received, freely give…the workman is worthy of his food."  He taught the twelve to give freely, but He also told them to expect to receive.

This is why we request the suggested donation of $25 for each word requested. We've listed a few FAQ's about this below. Also, you can click here for testimonies of prophecies given to others and how writing in for a prophetic word has blessed them as well. 


1)  By PayPal. 

2) By Mail.  Send your name, mailing address, and donation to:

Jeremy Lopez
P.O. Box 383213
Birmingham, AL 35238

Checks should be made out to Jeremy Lopez.

3) Donating from outside the USA?  No checks or money orders (UNLESS IT IS US DOLLARS ONLY) or send US cash or use PayPal.


1) Please let us know if the word of the Lord is for a male, female and or a child.

2) If you desire a word for a friend or someone close to you, just send us the person's name immediately after you make your donation by Paypal to customerservice@identitynetwork.net.  (If you don't let us know that the word is for someone else, we'll assume we should seek a prophetic word for the donor.) If you do desire the prophetic word sent to you in an MP3 format to your email, we MUST know immediately following your donation by emailing us at the customer service email provided above.

3) If we do not hear from you after your donation through Paypal, we will automatically send it to the address provided in Paypal and to the name provided.


"How will my donation be used?"

Your donation goes into the general fund of Identity Network.  It will help with the payroll for Jeremy and the staff members, with the office expenses of maintaining the website and email network that reaches 150,000 people daily.  Furthermore, a big portion of your donation will help us with our missions in Haiti.

"Can a prophetic word sent on tape in the mail be a real word from the Lord?"

God is Spirit. He is everywhere at all times. There is no distance in the spirit with God. When the centurion asked Jesus for healing for his servant, JESUS SENT OUT THE WORD THROUGH THE CENTURION BACK TO THE SERVANT. 

Many people don't live in an area where there are prophets or prophetic people. Whether you are in a church, conference, meeting, or halfway around the world on the internet, God can still minister to you. Nowhere in the Bible does it say you have to be in the same room with a prophet to receive the word of the Lord. God always wants to minister and speak to His people.

I have many people send in testimonies to me with tears, thanking God for the word of the Lord that they have received.

"Bro. Jeremy, why would you ask for money to give a prophetic word?"

Very simple, ALL through the Old Testament, if you went to a prophet, you always carried a gift or an offering. Not because you were trying to "buy" a word or that the prophet was trying to "sell" the word. It was simply out of respect. To honor the "gift" (prophet) that God had given. Remember, it is all about God, not the person. But God did say, " for the worker deserves his wages." Luke 10:07.

The Bible also says, "Give and it shall be given back to you."

"Does that make a prophet any better than everyone else?"

Not at all! We are all servants unto the Lord no matter what position or title we have. But the Bible does say to "believe God's prophets so shall you prosper" and "touch not my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm."

 "Do you always have a word from the Lord when someone writes in to you?"

ANSWER: 100% percent of the time, YES. Because the Bible says, "that the spirit of a prophet is subject (or to the control) of the prophet." They are the mouthpiece of God to the body of Christ. To tell the people what God is saying to them. When God speaks, it not might always be what we want to hear, but God desires to tell us what He wants us to know about ourselves.

Could you imagine someone asking God to speak to them and God saying, "I don't feel like it" or "I just don't want to." God said in His Word, "if you ask me for bread, I will not give you a stone." In other words, "if you ask me to talk to you, It would be my delight to love all over you by speaking to you."

"Psychics charge a fee for their readings. By asking for an offering for personal prophecy tapes, are you any better than psychics?"

First, let me name a few things Christians and psychics have in common.  We all have to eat, pay the light bill, and keep a roof over our heads.  So just as a carpenter or a dentist or a waitress expects to get paid, psychics charge fees and ministers take up offerings.

But the similarity stops there.  Christians have something psychics don't have - Christ living in us, and the gift of His Holy Spirit.  We don't in any way pattern ourselves after psychics; instead, we follow Biblical principles about prophetic ministry and about giving and receiving. 

"It seems as if you're splitting hairs.  If you accept money for moving in the gift of God, isn't it really selling, even if you call it by another name?"

No.  The economy of God's kingdom is based on giving and receiving; the kingdoms of this world base their economy on buying and selling.  In both cases money changes hands and financial needs are met, but God's economy is higher and greater than man's.

Go to a Bible Bookstore, and you will probably pay up to $60.00 dollars for a leather-back Bible. This is selling God's holy Word that is freely given to all.  If you ask them to please just give you one of those Bibles, they would say, "Absolutely not."  They can't afford to give the Bibles away - they have to pay the printers as well as the rent, the utilities, and the payroll of all their employees so they can keep the bookstore open.

Many years ago when this ministry started, we freely gave prophecy tapes and prophetic teachings to anyone who wrote in to this ministry. Every once in a while, we would receive "love" offerings, but they never even came close to covering the cost of tapes and shipping.  We began to learn that many people don't value what they receive for free.

Many say that the gospel is free and spiritual gifts should be given freely.  But the gospel was not free - it cost the life of Jesus. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sin and debt.  Your salvation likewise is not free; it will cost you everything you are. We exchange this life on earth for life in Heaven.

When we give offerings, we know it is the price Jesus paid, not what we have given, that saves us.  Likewise, there is no dollar amount we could give that could adequately pay for a word from God.

Hundreds of testimonies pour into this ministry, telling us the word of the Lord has changed that person's life forever. We simply ask that out of the love you have from the Father, you would bless this ministry - by blessing this ministry with an offering, you are blessing the Lord and His work.

We welcome you to write in for a word from the Lord and watch and see if God will not open up the windows of Heaven for you and pour down blessings that you cannot even contain.  Please take the word of the Lord seriously. It is not for sale.

Remember that God loves you with an everlasting love.
No matter who you are or what you are,


a. 1. Containing, or pertaining to, prophecy; foretelling events; as, prophetic writings; prophetic dreams; - used with of before the thing foretold.

n. 1. A declaration of something to come; a foretelling; a prediction; esp., an inspired foretelling.  2. (Script.) A book of prophecies; a history;   3. Public interpretation of Scripture; preaching; exhortation or instruction.

proph·e·sied, (-sd) proph·e·sy·ing, (-sng) proph·e·sies (-sz)
v. 1. To reveal by divine inspiration.  2. To predict with certainty as if by divine inspiration. 3. The function or vocation of a prophet; specifically: the inspired declaration of divine will and purpose.

v. intr. 1.To reveal the will or message of  God.  2.  To predict the future as if by divine inspiration.  3. To speak as a prophet as a mediator between God and humankind or in God's stead. 4. Archaic. to teach religious subjects.

n. 1. One who prophesies, or foretells events; a predicter; a foreteller.  2. One inspired or instructed by God to speak in his name, or announce future events, as, Moses, Elijah, etc. 3. An interpreter; a spokesman.   4. (Zool.) A mantis. School of the prophets (Anc. Jewish Hist.) a school or college in which young men were educated and trained for public teachers or members of the prophetic order. These students were called sons of the prophets.

n. 1. A woman who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of a God is expressed.  2. A woman predictor; a woman soothsayer.  3. The chief spokeswoman of a movement or cause.

v. 1. One that sees an invertebrate seer of sights.  2. Clairvoyant, visionary, illusionist.    n. 3. A prophet. 4 a: one that predicts events or developments b: a person credited with extraordinary moral and spiritual insight or knowledge; a wise person or sage who possesses intuitive powers c: one to whom divine revelations are made.

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